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		--Sprint Completes Phase I Development of State-of-the Art,
			Real-Time Telephone Fraud Detection Application
			Using Symbolics' Object-Oriented Technology--

	CONCORD, Mass., September 24, 1992 -- Symbolics, Inc. today announced that it has
completed a significant contract with telecommunications industry leader, Sprint.  This has
resulted in the development by Sprint of a real-time telephone fraud detection application using
Symbolics' object-oriented programming environment.  The contract is a two-fold agreement
consisting of Symbolics' systems and consulting services.

	First, Sprint purchased more than 50 Symbolics turnkey systems for developing the fraud
detection application.  The initial phase involving the development of the application has been
completed and is in the process of being deployed.  In the second phase, Symbolics Consulting
Group is assisting the Sprint project team in several facets of application development and
deployment, including integrating multiple mainframe andIworkstation-based systems in a
wide-area network supporting TCP/IP, X.25 and SNA.

	"This contract epitomizes Symbolics' strength as a provider of comprehensive solutions
to mission-critical business problems," stated Symbolics Vice President, Development and
Consulting, Saiid Zarrabian.  "We believe we offer the best application development environment
currently available to address problems of this magnitude and complexity, and our Consulting
Group possesses the expertise to assist customers like Sprint with programming services, systems
analysis and computer network integration to help ensure the most feasible migration path for
the application."

	Commenting on the relationship with Symbolics, Sprint's Director, Toll Fraud Prevention,
Myra DeVall, stated:  "This application will help Sprint maintain a leadership role in the
telecommunications industry in terms of enhancing our commitment to provide our customers with
the best protection against fraudulent telephone usage.  We selected Symbolics because it meets
our needs from the standpoint of providing the appropriate equipment, consulting services and
programming development assistance to address a specific business problem.  Symbolics'
consulting services personnel have worked closely with us to ensure that the application will
function as it should and integrate easily and without penalty into our existing systems."

	Sprint is a diversified international telecommunications company with $8.9 billion in
annual revenues and the United States' only nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network.  Its
divisions provide global long distance voice, data and video products and services, and local
telephone services to more than 4 million subscriber lines in 17 states.

	Symbolics Consulting Group, an operational division of Symbolics, applies advanced
technology to solve mission-critical business problems that are beyond the realm of conventional
software approaches.  The Consulting Group provides services in the areas of systems planning,
application development and feasibility analysis for the development and deployment of advanced
information systems.

	Symbolics, Inc., (NASDAQ:  SMBX) headquartered in Concord, Mass., is the leading
provider of symbolic processing technology used in sophisticated applications, including online
decision support, expert systems, and scheduling and planning.  The Company provides software
and hardware tools and consulting services to some of the world's largest corporations, devising
applications solutions to mission-critical business problems in the telecommunications,
manufacturing, utilities and transport industries.