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Preserving version numbers in NFS

    Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1992 09:09 EDT
    From: sjameson@hannibal.atl.ge.com (Stephen M Jameson)

    Is there any way to copy a file from a LMFS to an NFS file system and preserve
    version numbers.  If you copy a file "foo.lisp.7" from one lmfs directory to
    another, it seems in general to do so, so you get "foo.lisp.7" in the other
    directory.  If you copy the same file to an NFS directory (which has a "*.sct"
    somewhere in its pathname), it creates "foo.lisp.~<n+1>~", where n is the
    number of previously existing versions of foo.lisp in the directory.  Is there
    any way to force it to create foo.lisp.~7~.  

    This is important for being able to copy an SCT system over to an NFS file
    server, while preserving the ability to load all previously compiled versions
    of the system.

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You want to appropriately set one or more of the following variables
(I set the first one to NIL):


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