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Automatic process: What's the problem?

I have defined an automatic process to copy the user files from one
Symbolics machine to another.  I use this as an alternative to the
tape backup.

  (defun backup-all-user-files ()
    (cp:execute-command "copy file"
			"dave:>jiang>**>*.*.newest" "dom:>users>jiang>**>*.*.*"
			:create-directories :yes
			:output-destination (list #p"dom:>backup-log.text")))

  (defun automatic-backup ()
     (list :absolute (time:parse-universal-time "20:00 today"))
     (list :forever 86400)
     "Automatic Backup" #'backup-all-user-files))

But there is a problem: when the time is due, the machine says

	"Automatic Backup Process wants to type out.
	 Select Automatic Backup Background Stream by typing Function-0-S."

And the process waits there without doing anything.  When I type
Funtion-0-S, a window exposes and displays "Automatic Backup
Background Stream" at the bottom of the window (nothing else on the
window because I have redirected the output to a file).  And the
process continues until it ends.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?  When I type


under Lisp listener, i.e., without setting it as a process, it works
perfectly.  So I doubt that the problem may have something to do with
the background stream.  It's pretty strange that the background stream
wants to expose once before it copies the files.  Could anyone help

Tao Jiang
Swiss Federal Inst. of Tech., Lausanne