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C2 security option

    Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1992 09:03 EST
    From: deiss@informatik.uni-kl.de

    Hi Folks,

    Perhaps somebody can help me in the following situation:

    We have one Symbolics US1200S Board (genera 8.0.2) embedded in a sparcserver
    (sunos 4.1.1).
    All went fine, but then the administrator of our suns decided to install the
    C2-security option of sun.
    Now It is no longer possible to log in to the sun or to read files of the sun
    via nfs from the UX1200S.
    The error messages are:

    loging in as myself:
      Invalid password for user name "deiss" on host EUKLID
    loging in as root:
      No UNIX passwd information found for user name "root" on host EUKLID
    (EUKLID is the sparcserver, and yp-server)

    Thomas Deiss

We get the second message all the time, for any legitimate login on the
Sun.  We are not running C2 security on the Sun, nor are we running NIS
(nee YP).  The only solution I've found is anonymous login (just a
return at the prompt after the message from the Symbolics).  I asked on
SLUG about a year ago but didn't come up with anything that helped.
If anybody has anything new, I'd sure like to hear about it.

Liam M. Healy