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redefining select-c

    Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1992 05:46 EST
    From: Vincent Keunen <nrb!keunen@relay.EU.net>

    Is there a way to suppress the question 

    Change Select-C from Converse to Nanesse Network Configuration? (Yes or No) Yes

    when I compile my system?  This question stops the compilation until
    someone says yes.  I'd like to keep the other questions, however (I
    don't want a global switch).

It's heavy-handed, but just put this form into your code before the
program-frame definition (or whatever else sets the select-key):

  (remhash #\C cli::*select-key-table*)

It won't ask the question if there is no entry for the character being
defined as a select-key.

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