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Jobs at Inference

I have heard that Symbolics has filed for Chapter 11.

I have been asked by a supervisor to mention that Inference
Corporation is looking for Lisp programmers with a strong background
in C.  Though I am not clear on all of the details, I am sending this
now, in an attempt to reach as many former Symbolics employees as
quickly as I can.

I may be stating this poorly, but basically:

Inference, developer of ART (TM) and ART-IM (TM) is headquartered in
Southern California.

Inference Corporation's Professional Services has several openings for
Lisp programmers fluent in Unix or Windows.  (sigh).  A few years ago,
we were all using Symbolics' machines; today it is increasingly
difficult to find qualified Unix hackers versed in Lisp.

Professional Services is a consulting organization.  We use our tools,
ART, and ART-IM to develop large expert systems for our clients around
the world.  Frequently, our systems are the first introduction to
artificial intelligence, client-server computing, and enterprise wide
computing that our clients have.

I am not clear on this, but it is likely that the job openings are for
locations outside of California.

I encourage former Symbolics employees (or any qualified individual)
to submit a resume to Lew Roth, roth@inference.com.  Our phone number
is (310) 322 0200, though since I am not located at our corporate
headquarters, you cannot reach me there.

Resumes may be mailed to:

	Lew Roth
	Inference Corporation
	550 N. Continental Blvd.
	El Segundo, CA 90245	

And uh, errr, you might mention my name, and if you get hired, win,
win, win!  (for me).

Best wishes,

Jerry Bakin