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Image Format Conversion Problems...

    Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1993 17:00 CST
    From: Scott_Busse@mindlink.bc.ca (Scott Busse)

    When converting an IMAN format image to a TRUEVISION
    format (Targa), I'm now getting glitching of certain
    colors. This is happening both when using S-Convert....

	Alternatively, if anyone has an
    image format converter (other than the standard ones) that
    can convert an IMAN file to TARGA, TIFF, GIF (etc.) or any
    other format that the film recorder folks (I'm trying to get
    the image to a slide) can handle, I'm up for beg borrow or
    purchasing it. Maybe someone has a converter that runs on
    a pc?

I have a Windows shareware program called "Paint Shop Pro" which can
handle and convert from/to various formats, but not IMAN.  I have had
good luck generating GIF and TIFF files from IMAN images, but no luck
with Targa.  There's a bug in either TIFF or GIF (I forget which) that
is fixible by loading the appropriate file from the MacIvory embedding
sources - if I had time, I would look for it and tell you the pathname,
but I don't remember offhand.  Anyway, I think it's a TIFF bug, and GIF
should work OK by itself.

      The system I'm using is a 3650 with chroma paddle (hirez
    32 bit color) running Genera 8.1.1 with S-Products 6.2.
      Thanks for any help, and for your time.  Scott

I use a CAD buffer.  I have had memory problems that affect images in 
a different way, but it sounds like you might have a color map memory
problem, which I think is on the color paddle card.  You might try
swapping the paddle card ("adaptor" as you put it), followed by the
color controller card if you have one.  Good luck.