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Smbx -> PC nets...

    Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1993 11:35 CST
    From: Scott_Busse@mindlink.bc.ca (Scott Busse)

    To: gooch@tijeras.sw-sw.com
    In-Reply-To: The message of 23 Jan 1993 06:20 PST from

	    From: gooch@tijeras.sw-sw.com (William D. Gooch)
	    Subject: Send File revisited...
		....I have a PC ethernetted to my lispms, and I just use
	    PKZIP on it and them grab the file(s) from a lispm and do whatever.

    William, what PC software do you use (in particular) for your net to the
    Symbolics? I'm looking to set up such a connection, and could use any tips on
    what software is best, and any hardware/setup caveats you can provide. Are
    you using TCP, NFS or ?. I'm currently connected to an Amiga using it's one
    and only available Ethernet board and TCP/IP software, and although it's
    working adequately, I'm fairly fed up with sneaker-netting PC disks from
    there to the PC :( Thanks for any tips!  Scott

I use FTP Inc.'s PC/TCP package.  It's pretty complete and reasonably
robust, though by no means problem-free.  One nice point is that the
source code is available (at extra charge).  It can only handle one
thing at a time (such as FTP serving), and it really slows things down
under Windows (but at least it works there and allows you to do other
things while it's running).  It has separate programs for TCP-FTP, TFTP,
SMTP, Telnet, Ping, and quite a few others, most of which I never use.

By the way, I can't get Telnet to my Lispm to work - it always says that
permission was denied by the remote host, although I have remote login
enabled.  I don't know why this happens.   I also have periodic trouble
with file transfer when the Lispm is reading files off of the PC, but I
really think this is a hardware problem with my PC ether board.

The PC/TCP package is moderately expensive ($400), but they do provide
reasonable support.  I have recently seen a shareware program which does
similar stuff (actually I know very little about it), and there is also
a public domain package (PC-IP I think) which is similar, that can be
acquired from FTP hosts on the Internet.