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    Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1993 16:28 EST
    From: "Pretend to spank me. I'm a Pseudo-Masochist."

    If anyone out there has information on ways of determining the hardware
    configuration of a 3640 could they please send me some info right away?
    I need to decide on a machine by this friday and I'd like to know what size
    hard drive it has... how much memory (though I think I know)... etc..

You can get total memory from "Show Herald :Detailed No".  You can get
more specific configuration information (such as whether it has an IFU)
from "Show Configuration".

    I need to find out how much disk space there is in megabytes not in words or
    megawords.... (or at least a detailed description of how they relate)

"Show FEP Directory" starts off with a header showing a summary of each
disk.  The units are FEP blocks, which are about 1Kbytes.