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Am I the insane one or what?

   Date:	Thu, 1 Apr 1993 13:06:00 -0800
   From:	Martin Mallinson <Martin@vega.cmt.dialnet.symbolics.com>

   I guess I will never want to replace-fep-block or si:fix-fep-file, I
   just hack LISP to simulate circuits and stuff ... but this is SO COOL.
   Is it only me that thinks this is hot shit or what? You know why
   Symbolics when chapter 11 IMHO? Because this stuff is so seductive you
   can diddle the bits on the disk and I can model nth order sigma delta
   convertors and digital filters and so on and we forget to lift our head
   up and tell the world about it. I dont need a product! I'm having so
   much fun hacking I dont want to stop. I'm hooked! Perhaps somebody
   somewhere should be shot for not marketing this thing properly. 

You will have to get in line behind N ex-Symbolics employees, such as
								   I think
   we users of LISP and SMBX need to slow down and drop a few crumbs of
   what we may know to be pale shadows of the "real" thing so that the mass
   market can follow.  Mini-Genera on a PC for example. We will know it
   sucks - they wont. We blased a trail into the woods with a blade so
   sharp that we got caught up in the act of cutting down the trees: turn
   around - there's no one behind. It's probably too late now, sad isnt it?

Dennis Doughty just attended the Solaris Developers Conference.  There
he heard about some of the great new innovations, including
light-weight processes (basically like Genera processes, multiple
control threads in the same address space).  They also have "threads"
(like Genera stack-groups).  They explained how you could use them to
implement co-routining.  Wow!  They explained how you could implement
network servers that would spin off a new LWP to handle each incoming
connection.  Double wow!  Before you know it, they'll have a process
that tracks the mouse and updates state variables in a pointer object.

Dennis felt compelled to turn to the guy next to him and explain that
he was writing cooperative multi-process applications 10 years ago...