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Sick Symbolics monitor

   Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 23:15:29 -0700
   From: crussell@netcom.com (Chris Russell)

   I have a sick Symbolics monitor, model 3670.  When I turn it on, I get
   a little noise on the speaker and the LEDs inside the monitor read "FF0".  
   I don't get anything on the monitor.

   Does anyone know how to read these LEDs?

They're only useful when you put the monitor into diagnostic mode (there's
a toggle switch on the controller board); they can be used to debug the
firmware.  This is not something anyone should need to do these days.

I'm going from memory, but I think FF0 is a normal value.  Your problem is
probably the high-voltage power supply (it powers the tube, but not the
electronics) or the tube itself.  In either case, there's not much you can
do but replace the failing component.