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Sick Symbolics monitor

    Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1993 00:15 MDT
    From: crussell@netcom.com (Chris Russell)

    I have a sick Symbolics monitor, model 3670.  When I turn it on, I get
    a little noise on the speaker and the LEDs inside the monitor read "FF0".  
    I don't get anything on the monitor.

    Does anyone know how to read these LEDs?

    Chris Russell
    Internet:  crussell@netcom.com
    GTE:       909/861-4048

I have an old-style monitor that almost never lights the first time I
power it up. I have to flip the power switch off then on quickly,
followed by a Local-B for a couple of seconds. I have to repeat those
steps several times before the monitor lights. After that, the monitor
is fine until the next power outage, which is rather frequent since my
machine is powered by a rural electrical coop.

So there's no confusion, hold down the local key, then press the b key
for a few seconds. This is how you brighten the screen. Local-D dims it.