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[sci.electronics] FOR SALE: OMTI 3527 : ST-506 RLL to SCSI adapters

I thought that the owners of old dead lispms might be interested in
this.  Maybe you could at least salvage the disk drives for some other

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Subject: FOR SALE: OMTI 3527 : ST-506 RLL to SCSI adapters
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1993 21:20:38 GMT

I have 2 OMTI 3527 SCSI adapters for sale.  These make an ST-506 RLL drive
look like a SCSI disk drive.  Each adapter will support two RLL drives.  I
have used this model OMTI adapter with my Amiga A500 and a C-Ltd SCSI host
adapter without problems. I'm selling these because I got them about the
same time I decided to sell instead of expand my Amiga so I have never even
used them.  I can't guarantee they will work with every SCSI host adapter.

They are essentially new in box. I paid $150/ea, make me an offer.

(708) 202-1030

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