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unix-lpd protocol

   Date: Fri, 30 Apr 93 09:47:31 EDT
   From: wlim@gdstech.grumman.com (Willie Lim)

   But then when I tried the hardcopy command, I get:

       Error: Remote error: "seaver: /usr/etc/lpd:         : Your host does
       not have line printer access"

	  Arg 0 (SELF): #<PRINT::LPD-HARDCOPY-STREAM 2713463>
       printer "gatorprint"
       s-B:           Retry invoking HARDCOPY (UNIX-LPD) -- SEAVER on
       s-C:           Specify a printer to use instead of Gatorprint.
       s-D, :    Exit process CP Hardcopy File I:>WLIM>lispm-init.lisp.newest

   Indira (the 3670) exists in Seaver's (an SGI Crimsom) /etc/hosts.equiv
   and /etc/hosts.lpd files.  (NFS works just fine.)

The fact that NFS works is meaningless, since NFS access control is
completely unrelated to lpd access control.

One problem may be the form of the name in hosts.equiv; if you have the
fully qualified domain name, Seaver might be expecting just the host
portion, or vice versa.  There could also be case sensitivity problems.
Telnet to Seaver from Indira and see how the host name shows up in "who".

I'm not sure of all this, though; we don't use hosts.lpd and our
hosts.equiv just contains the "+" wildcard (we use a firewall to protect us
from outside systems).

   Why not have Indira talk to the Gatorbox directly?  Well that is the
   plan but we want to make sure that the UNIX support for hardcopy works
   with a UNIX host first before messing around with the Gatorbox and
   Appletalk.  I may have to connect a printer directly to Seaver to
   prove to a bunch skeptics* that the UNIX support of hardcopy works.

Theoretically, the Lispm should be able to talk to the Gatorbox directly.
Gatorprint is supposed to emulate a Unix LPD server.  We were looking into
using Gatorprint from our Unix systems (we currently use CAP and
Transcript), but punted when we discovered that Gatorprint can't print DVI
files; so I never got around to trying it from the Lispms.

Of course, sending directly to the Gatorbox might not solve this problem,
since it presumably has an access list as well.