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Re: unix-lpd protocol

   Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 11:57 -0400
   From: Barry Margolin <barmar@Think.COM>

   I think you have to install Embedding Support, as UX Support depends on
   it.  Despite the name, there's no harm in loading this on a non-embedded

OK, I fixed the load embedding-support and ux-support problem.  It
turned out that several files including
sys:embedding;ux;unix-lpd.bin.newest had to be loaded via restore.
(unix-lpd.bin had to be manually generated from the .lisp source).

But then when I tried the hardcopy command, I get:

    Error: Remote error: "seaver: /usr/etc/lpd:         : Your host does
    not have line printer access"
       Arg 0 (SELF): #<PRINT::LPD-HARDCOPY-STREAM 2713463>
    printer "gatorprint"
    s-B:           Retry invoking HARDCOPY (UNIX-LPD) -- SEAVER on
    s-C:           Specify a printer to use instead of Gatorprint.
    s-D, :    Exit process CP Hardcopy File I:>WLIM>lispm-init.lisp.newest

Indira (the 3670) exists in Seaver's (an SGI Crimsom) /etc/hosts.equiv
and /etc/hosts.lpd files.  (NFS works just fine.)

Question: Which machine does "your host" in the error message refer
to?  My guess is Indira (right?).  The reason why I'm asking this
question is that gatorprint (I hate that name), the printer, is not
really directly connected to Seaver, it is a networked printer
accessed through Seaver.  And for more gory details, gatorprint is an
Appletalk printer accessed by Seaver through a Gatorbox (that explains
the rather silly printer name).

Why not have Indira talk to the Gatorbox directly?  Well that is the
plan but we want to make sure that the UNIX support for hardcopy works
with a UNIX host first before messing around with the Gatorbox and
Appletalk.  I may have to connect a printer directly to Seaver to
prove to a bunch skeptics* that the UNIX support of hardcopy works.

* LISPM haters, actually MAC zealots ala Waco; they rather die with
their #$%:&@^! Macs (sorry that reflects years of frustrations, more
like punishment, hacking with the Macs) than go to another platform
(even cheaper more effective ones) :-):-(:-)


  Quote from a Mac zealot: "I bought myself a Mac and yes it is more
 expensive than a Windows machine (which I hate, of course).  Yes the
 software and add-ons are more expensive too.  But I ain't buying any
  Mac software, I'm just going to `borrow' them from work."  Mac is
     God! Mac is great! Replace "Mac" with "David Koresch"(sp?),
		   and you'll get the picture. :-)