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Help syncing video

When the discussion was going on a couple of weeks ago about the merits of
Symbolics and how no one has duplicated the environment, I happened to be
in the process of decommissioning all of my Symbolics'.  It was rather
poignant, to say the least.

Anyway, there is one 3670 that I am still using as a print server (seem's
like an ignoble end for that machine, doesn't it?).  Over the weekend we
had a power outage in the building, and now I can't get the video to sync
up on the monitor - all I get are the narrow, wandering horizontal bands.
I have tried "reset video" to no useful effect.  "Set Monitor Mon" seems to give
just marginally better results than "Set Monitor Phil", but I really can't
remember what other incantations might be useful for getting a clearer
picture on the screen.  Can anyone help me?

The monitor I am using has no vents on the top, but I have quite a selection
of other monitors around that I can try if the need arises ;-)

Thanks in advance for any help.

John Reading