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Re: Help syncing video

I presume that you normally have the monitor on your 3670 turned on.  There are
two effects that you may be seeing.  I find that some monitor's ability to
synch horizontally is affected by the internal temperature.  In short, leave it
on for a while (> 30 minutes) and then do reset video.

If that doesn't do it, then it probably has drifted with age far enough out that
you have to twiddle the horiz synch (or horiz osc., but I don't think your
monitor has it) on the inside of the case.  When we have power failures, I
usually have to go around and tweak a few.  While the machine was on it was
still able to synch but once the monitor is powered off, it is enough out of
whack that you have to fix it yourself.

Of course the recommendation is to let your friendly Symbolics repair man
do it for you.  There are high voltages and they aren't user-friendly.
In any case, don't use anything metal (including your watch) inside the case!