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Re: CD-ROM on Sun as SYS host

In "Re: CD-ROM on Sun as SYS host" on May 21, you write:
> > Has anyone set up a CD-ROM on a Sun as their SYS host?  The Genera 8.3
> > documentation suggests that this is possible, but the instructions are
> > incorrect and/or incomplete on how to do it.
> Actually, I think the instructions say that it isn't possible, but
> that's wrong (mostly)

Are you thinking of the 8.1 instructions? The 8.3 instructions
explicitly say you CAN do it. Symbolics S/W support had a few
corrections to the instructions from the 8.3 installation docs, but I
was still unable to get it to work, at least in the brief attempts I
made. They were unable to figure out why, especially since they said
they could do it on a Sun with SunOS 4.1.2 (we have 4.1.1). However,
we didn't try for too long, since we had relatively easy access to a
spare CDROM, and hung it off our NXP, which worked fine the first
time. (Wow! All that free disk space now...  :-). My guess is that
only a minor variation of the 8.3 instructions will work.

						- Marty

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