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character styles in zmacs

Hi there,

We trying to develop application in lisp which are source-compatible
and portable across unix- (i.e. Lucid-), Genera- and macintosh-based
platforms. To this end, we are using CLIM, a shared filesystem and
a portable defsystem etc. So far, so good. However, its convinient
to have an editor that supports different character styles a la
electric character style lock mode in zmacs. The problem is that
the editor should not write any font information into the source file.
On the macintosh I wrote something that automatically generates 
bold definition names and italic comments when reading in the 
source file.

For zmacs, I would like a similar approach. I think of a specilized
lisp mode which generates the styled definitions and comments during
reading. During editing it behaves like the existing el. char. style
lock mode, and when saving it strips any style information from the file
being saved.

I dont want to reinvent any code, so has anyone written something 
in this way that we could reuse?

Thanks for any comments - Stefan B.

Stefan Bernemann                     Tel.: +49-231-9743-139
FhG IML                              Fay:  +49-213-9743-234
Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 2-4       email: berni@iml.fhg.de
D4600 Dortmund 50

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