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T & Emacs

Thanks to Jonathan Rees, tea mode for emacs gives us
T users a nice programming environment in which to
interact with T.  Etags is a program that creates
tag files for use with Emacs.  The etags distributed
with Emacs does not know that ".t" is the extension
of a lisp like language, and thus makes bogus tag
files for T.  The fix is simple, just modify the
extensions recognized by emacs as lisp files.  The
diff follows.
<   /* .l or .el or .lisp (or .cl or .clisp or .t!) implies lisp source code */
>   /* .l or .el or .lisp (or .cl or .clisp or ...) implies lisp source code */
< 	     !strcmp (cp + 1, "t") ||