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Re: A suggestion about the T compiler

Thanks for the note.  Seems like a reasonable suggestion, but maybe
there are reasons why the T implementers did it otherwise.  I have
cc'ed this reply to the T-DISCUSSION mailing-list in case anyone
else wishes to comment on the issue.


    Date: Thu, 24 Sep 87 23:37:50 EDT
    From: William Moran <moran-william@YALE.ARPA>
    To: hudak-paul@YALE.ARPA
    Subject: A suggestion about the T compiler

    Hi, I don't know who to send this to, so I'll send it to you assuming that
    you will know who to send it to.
    If in T, I say (compile-file 'foo) and I get foo.mobj, it seems to then 
    always be loaded when I say (load 'foo). This is normal and acceptable
    behavior, UNLESS foo.t has been modified since foo.mobj was created. 
    Every other lisp I've ever seen will load the most recent one. if nothing
    else, the system should say : "Hey I'm loading foo.mobj even though there is
    a more recent foo.t" for a good example of what I mean, take a look at 
    gnuemacs when the autosave file is more recent than the file being edited.
    This is just my $.02 worth.
    				Bill Moran