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Re: A suggestion about the T compiler

I have a little hacque which lets you specify what you want done in the case
when you type (LOAD 'FOO) and foo.t is newer than foo.mobj.  There is a
switch which you can set to one of:

        binary     - always load foo.mobj (this is T's normal default)
        source     - always load foo.t
        newer      - always load whichever is newer
        recompile  - recompile foo.t, then load foo.mobj if successful
        query      - ask user whether to recompile
        warn       - print warning message, then load foo.mobj

Some of this was present in osys/load.t but it didn't work.  Also, I needed
to fix REQUIRE so that this works correctly with both LOAD and REQUIRE.

I'd be happy to pass this along to you if you like.  A bunch of us have been
using it with no problems for several months.

-- Ashwin Ram --

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