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Test for procedure?

   Date: Fri, 6 May 88 09:25:00 CDT
   From: mark@mcc.com (Mark Scheevel)
   Posted-Date: Fri, 6 May 88 09:25:00 CDT

   Is there a finer-grained test for procedure values than PROCEDURE? ?
   As it stands, PROCEDURE? answers true to both procedures and
   operations (and any other object that can be applied).  We need to be
   able to distinguish actual, honest-to-goodness closures created by
   LAMBDA from these other apply-able entities, and I haven't been able
   to figure out how to do it by rummaging around in the sources.  Is
   such a distinction even possible after ORBIT finishes its work?

   Mark Scheevel

   P.S. I saw a reference to T3.1 the other day; is it actually available?

It is not possible to determine what you are asking.  In fact, except by
looking at the sources, you would not be able to tell that operations are
NOT created with lambda.  If you say what it is that you are trying to do
perhaps we can suggest another way.

T3.1 is available by anonymous FTP to wheaties.ai.mit.edu in the pub/t3.1