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T on Mac II? Also, commercial applications

   Date: Sat, 7 May 88 03:05:40 PDT
   From: gyro@kestrel.arpa (Scott W. Layson)

   Has anyone ported T to the Mac II under A/UX?  If so, how can I get a
   copy?  Preferably Tau 3.1.

   If not, can anyone give me some idea what might be involved?  I
   haven't looked closely at A/UX, but assume it's a System V derivative.
   I see that some way is provided for programs to access the Mac
   Toolbox, so it seems like some hacking could generate a pretty
   flavorful user interface.

   As long as I've got your attention -- does anyone know of any
   commercial outfit that is using T as an internal tool?  I would love
   to find someone willing to pay me to hack on it.  If anyone knows of
   a company that would use T if they could count on it being supported,
   please put us in touch.

   -- Scott

I have an undebugged executable for the system you prefer.  I have been trying
(not very hard) to get access to hardware to debug it.  I intend to try harder
when I am less busy.