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Informal talk on Graphics in T


Speaker:        Jim Firby

Time:           Monday, January 23, at 4:00 PM

Place:          Watson Room 400

The T graphics system integrates 2-D interactive graphics into the T
programming language.  The basic concept is that of a device independent
PICTURE.  Pictures are first class T objects that can be created and
combined in various ways without regard to the hardware they will (or are)
displayed on.  Pictures can be assigned EVENT-TABLES that allow them to
capture and respond to interactive events whenever they are displayed on an
interactive device (like a workstation display).  Pictures are connected
to displays through WINDOWs which can be interactive workstation windows
or files to printed as hardcopy later.  

The talk will be VERY informal and describe the basic concepts behind the
system, its capabilities and its limitations.  The purpose of the talk is
primarily to introduce the system and encourage its use.  I look forward
to serious discussion of the released interface.

The system currently runs on the Apollos, the Suns and the HPs running X11.
Hardcopy can be generated for the Imagens and files can be generated for use 
in TeX and with DRAW on the Apollos.  

A demonstration may be possible after the talk.