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Re: user survey

    I just had a very interesting experience which relates to the poll
you are taking.  I defined


and tried to call foo.  Well, sure enough, NT was unbound.  However...
I have a "lexical environment crawler" installed, and the variable
(EPSILON NT) *was* bound.  This, of course, is crazy, but the manual
doesn't cover such cases.  

    Note, though, that (LAMBDA args . body) *is* doing an implicit
(DESTRUCTURE (args . real-args) . body) presently.  It's just that
the semantics are only defined on (possibly improper) lists of symbols.  
So extend it.  This puts my vote in for destructuring, since

    (LET (( FOO      BAR)
          ((BBB CCC) FFF))
      . body)

still expands into:                  

    ((LAMBDA (FOO (BBB CCC)) . body ) (LIST BAR FFF))

                --- Jonathan