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user survey

1) Single quote read syntax:

I once ran into a situation where I wanted 'FOO to
read as something other than (QUOTE FOO). I defined
a macro that excepted the following syntax for an
object, a component of an object, and a symbolic constant.
<object>    :== symbol
<component> :== (<component name> <object>)
<constant>  :== 'symbol.
Obviously, no component name could be QUOTE. I suppose I could have
redefined my read table to change the meaning of ', but I just
made the restriction that component names could be anything but QUOTE.

2) The value of T:

No complaints

3) Semantics of LET:

I thing the semantics of let should be determined by the semantics
of lambda. Thus (LET ((<a> <b>)) ...) => ((lambda (<a>) ...) <b>).
If (lambda ((a b)) ...) is a single argument function whos argument
is expected to be the result of function that returns two values,
I vote for the multiple value bind interpretation. If it destructures,
I vote for the destructuring interpretation. If you want to define
a local function using labels syntax, use labels.