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Bit Rot

It turns out that one character is different between a "working"
T image and the one which Ashwin Ram has pointed out fails to print
special characters correctly.  The following copies of T appear to be 


//gamma/tools/com/t, for example, is fine.

This appears to be yet another manifestation of a recurrent phenomenon:
Aegis just does't catch all errors in transmitted packets.  Other
instances of this are the problems with TeX/LaTeX and friends and the
problems Holten has had copying user's accounts.  We have known for a 
long time, for instance, that copying font files is *extremely* sensitive
to minor ring flakiness.  Sigh.

                                --- Jonathan

P.S.  To test your version of T, simply type in 
        > #\NEWLINE
If you get an odd address error, you have a rotten version.  If it 
prints out #\NEWLINE, then everything is fine and dandy.