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herald forms on Unix

    Date: Mon, 9 May 83 09:36:14 EDT
    From: "W. Lewis Johnson" <Johnson-Lewis>
    Re:   herald forms on Unix

    I'm trying to figure out how to write HERALD forms for compiling files
    on Unix.  What does the "logical name" field in a support spec refer to
    on Unix?

Logical names on Unix are found in either of two ways:

(a) Unix environment variables with upper-case names, or

(b) entries in a logical name table internal to T.

The second takes priority.

E.g. you can do "setenv FOO /usr/foo/bar" at the shell before starting
up a T, or you can say (SET (LOGICAL-NAME 'UNIX 'FOO) "/usr/foo/bar")
after starting up a T.  This will be documented and released at some