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If you are receiving this message then you are on the T-Discussion
mailing list.  T-Discussion has been pretty inactive lately; there is a
separate T-Users mailing list for release announcements and general
information, but not much discussion.  Supposedly messages on
T-Users aren't of interest to non-users, but that convention hasn't
always been followed.  If you are on T-Discussion and not on T-Users and
would like to be on T-Users, please send mail to T-Users-Request@Yale.

Here is a summary of the various mailing lists:
	T-Bugs (alias: Bug-T)

The names should be moderately self-explanatory.

We've tried to restrict membership on T-Discussion in the past, but I
see no reason not to open it up now.

Suggestions on alternative ways for us to organize our mailing list are
welcome.  For example, all T-Users mail could be sent to T-Discussion
automatically.  Also, a T-Maintainers or T-Implementors mailing list
might be in order.

All messages sent to any of these mailing lists are archived; people
interested in seeing old messages may inquire by mailing to Rees@Yale.

			- Jonathan