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Re: LOCALE/compiler bug?

    From: Charles Martin <Martin>
    ** Error: attempt to call an undefined procedure
Do a "chkupd" to get the TC fix file which corrects this, and then
recompile the file.  (Note to non-Yale people - "chkupd" is a local
software update tool.  Info about T 2.7 for external T users will
be sent out shortly.)

Please note that LOCALE currently compiles correctly, but horribly:
it calls EVAL to get the body of the locale evaluated in the new
environment.  If you want to put compiled code inside a new locale,
you're better off using MAKE-LOCALE in one file, and then loading
a second file into that locale:

(define *foo-env* (make-locale *standard-env* '*foo-env*))

(load "myfile.t" *foo-env*)

We intend to fix (LOCALE ...) some day, but it's been a low-priority