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Re: [Slade: relocatin vector]

    From: Stephen Slade <Slade>
    I was TN'd to my node and a DM1520 and started U.  I got the message
        ** Error: bad relocation vector at (XREF #{Unit 4DC834} 280)
        T Virtual Machine
    I exited and restarted from the shell and it happened again, but when
    I responded to the 1(VM): prompt with a ^Z, I then got the "Initializing
    U..." message and things went along quite well.
This results from the fact that T expects the alignment longword at
the end of the data section of each module to be zero on startup,
and the Aegis program loader doesn't guarantee that.
I never saw this happen under T2.6/SR6, except when starting
T or U in a non-fresh process.  Under T2.7/SR7 it seems to happen
more often.  I won't venture to guess why.

In any case, the condition is benign, and saying ^Z to the VM prompt,
or (RET) to the T prompt, should work every time.

The problem would go away if we just recompiled the whole T system,
because of a minor tweak to TC which fixes it.  I expect that before
version 2.8 comes out, we will have done so.