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Re: [Riesbeck: Re: Speed comparisons]

        will it be the case that the interpreted form of compiled code will be
        available for prettyprinting?  if not, i would expect far more code to
        stay interpreted than you do -- that's why it stays interpreted on the
        20, not that most code won't compile
    sort of facility (hopefully even smoother than Maclisp's - more like the
    Lisp Machine's) is high on my list of things to do - but it may end up
    being easier on the VAX than on the Apollo.  I'm surprised you don't do
    this with TLISP and Z.
I'm really hardpressed to believe that the reason people don't compile
TLISP is because of prettyprinting problems.  As far as the desired
interface being harder on the Apollo, I think we should stop thinking
in terms of the fairly gross (but useful) hacks done to get Maclisp
and Emacs to interface well.  Geez, all you need is another window
with the file containing the definitions in it.  If you're really hooked
on gross interfaces, T will surely be able to do the equivalent gross
things by "stuffing" display manager commands.

                    -- Nat