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O'Donnell pointed me to your definitions of MAPCAN and FOR on //alpha.

Why do you return '() in MAPCAN?  I know 'NIL isn't NIL, but isn't
NIL or () what you want here?

You also had a definition of WALK with the comment "A WALK that really
works" -- what bug is (or was) there in the WALK in T?

//beta/usr/riesbeck/utils.t contains the various TLisp utilities I've
been bringing over, including LOOP, PRELIST/SUFLIST, MSG and so on.
You might be interested and/or have coding or naming suggestions.  Names
right now are TLisp, but I don't care.

<RIESBECK>TLISP_TO_T.LSP has functions to rename and reformat
the more obvious functions, and warn about things like SET and DF.

Greg Collins was also bringing up some utilities for T on the VAX.
Before more wheels are reinvented, we should centralize a list of what's
been done and what's about to be done shortly.  Is anyone else doing
this kind of thing?