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    The value of (SYMBOLCONC '\; 'FOO) prints as \\\FOO, while the value
    of '\;FOO prints as \;FOO. ...

I think you meant to say that it prints as \\\;FOO.  Indeed there was a
bug; SYMBOLCONC calls DISPLAY which didn't know how to handle symbols,
so it was PRINTing them instead of DISPLAYing them, thus getting a \ in
the symbol's pname.  I fixed this in the source (<F.T.TAU>PRINT.TAU) by
adding a DISPLAY method for symbols; this will be reflected the next
time Apollo T is brought up to date with the sources.

In the meantime you might want to say (SYMBOLCONC ";" 'FOO), which works,
and depending on the context might even be "stylistically better".

Thanks for the bug report.  This is the sort of thing I like: easily
described and solved.