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What is READ-LINE supposed to do?  I tried (READ-LINE si) but got an
error message, saying that the standard-input didn't support READ-LINE.
Is this a temporary difficulty?

Both the old Lisp Machine manual that I have and the pre-release T
manual say the same thing:  "Reads a line of input from [the input
stream]."  What does this mean?  Is a string returned?  A list of
expressions?  What if the line has an incomplete expression?

TLisp has LINEREAD/READL which

    reads a line, returning it as a list.  If some
    expression takes more than one line or a line
    terminates in a comma, space or tab, then READL
    continues reading until an expression ends at the
    end of a line.

Is the same as READ-LINE?

Also, TLisp's LINEREAD takes an optional flag argument which, if NIL,
means at least one expression is read.  If this flag is true, then
zero expressions are read, if the line is empty.  This latter mode
usually requires clearing the input buffer of any leftover carriage
return.  Does READ-LINE have such a feature?