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    Date: 24-Jun-82 11:27AM-EDT (Thu)
    From: Chris Riesbeck <Riesbeck at YALE-RES>
    That doesn't make sense.

I thought I made myself clear, but I meant to say: if you used to look
on the research machine for a file <F.T.FOO>BAR.BAZ, you should now look
on the ed machine for the same file under the name <F.T.FOO>BAR.BAZ.

    The ED may be a fine place for archiving (for the summer), but recent
    relevant stuff needs to be on both.

Okay, T-Bugs will also be maintained on the research machine; I just
made the UDB change.

But what constitutes "recent relevant stuff?"  We're not using the ed
machine for archiving; we're doing our work there.  There's not enough
disk space (until the new disk on the research machine is installed) to
maintain everything both places; it's a pain in the ass besides.  I'll
assume that by "recent relevant stuff" you mean only the mail archives
for T-Discussion and T-Bugs (and maybe T-Users?), not the sources,
documentation, or history files.