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backquote & prettyprint

I've been hacking at a backquote inverters, something that turn cons-,
list-, and append-forms into backquote-forms. Some questions arose:

(a . 'b) is the same as (a quote b).  Should (a quote b) prettyprint
as (a . 'b)?  This came up when I was fiddling with `(a . ,b), which
should prettyprint as `(a ,@b).  [The current T prettyprinter doesn't
do that.  It prints (a **backquote-comma-marker** b).  I got it to
work in TLISP; I'll try T next.]

`(a . ,b) evaluates b.  `(a . ,@b) doesn't evaluate anything.  It
returns (a **backquote-atsign-marker** b).  Granted, `(a . ,@b) is
not exactly well-defined, but shouldn't it cause a syntax error?