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Does anyone ...?

I am working in an industrial project (at Tektronix) as a toolsmith and would
like to be able to [1] build (small) stand-alone utilities and [2]
cross-compile (Vax/Ultrix -> 68K/pSOS).  I don't know how to do [1]
(currently, I am just bringing up an image without the compiler while
redirecting stdio to a T file as a script) and I need a checklist to get the
environment right to do [2].  I would also like a clear description of the Z
system so that I can do ports.

My major problem is lack of time (I do enjoy reading through the T runtime
code).  Does anyone have a writeup of the above?  Does anyone have a utility
to go through the herald forms for dependencies in order to be able to build
small (< 100 KB) images?  Will this be easier to do in the next T release?

Thanks much,
-Ken Dickey		kend@mrloog.LA.TEK.COM