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need T version of Gabriel Benchmarks

   Date: 14 Apr 89 08:23 GMT-0100
   From: Daniel Hernandez <danher%lan.informatik.tu-muenchen.dbp.de@RELAY.CS.NET>

   I know, somebody complained recently (I think in comp.lang.lisp) about
   people asking every two weeks where to get the Gabriel Benchmarks...
    I do have scheme versions of the benchmarks, which should be the closest
   starting point for a T version.  But if they are already somewhere out
   there in netland, then I'd rather save the work of converting the scheme
   versions myself.  Thanks!

Please note that in principle, you should be able to run Scheme code
in T.  Just say

    (set (repl-env) scheme-env)

first.  There are some bugs and inefficiencies with the emulation,
however, so it's possible that you'd get better results were you
to translate into T first.