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New trace/break/watch package

The "Watch Package" includes  facilities  to  trace,  break,  and  watch
(i.e., measure  the  performance  of) procedures AND OPERATIONS.  It has
been updated for T2.7 and SR.7.  It currently resides in  the  directory
//FS1/YALE/MEEHAN/WATCH on the Apollo Research-ring at Yale.

Instructions are  in  WATCH.DOC.   To  load  the  compiled versions, you
need DEFAPOLLO.BIN (Nat Mishkin's code) and SYSTIME.BIN (Apollo-specific
clock routines), both of which are in the WATCH directory.

If you  alter  WATCH.T  and  want to recompile it, note that you'll need
the file CFORMAT.BIN (also in the WATCH directory).  CFORMAT is a  macro
whose syntax  is  the  same  as  FORMAT, but it expands into WRITECs and
PRINTs, rather than interpreting all that at runtime.