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T patch for Unix 4.2?

be set one-eighth the number of bytes you would like each of the two
heaps to be.  (E.g. a value of 250000 would give you 2-meg heaps.)
How big this can be depends on what your virtual limits are.  My only
guess is that under 4.2 the default "datasize" limit is unlimited
(= -1? 0?), and the code I wrote was not prepared to deal with this.

If this fix does indeed work, it can be put in the T fix file
($TSYSTEM/tfix94.t, for Unix T 2.7).

If anyone else can give this a try, or has had any other experience
along these lines, I'd appreciate hearing.  I'll be working on Unix
T again quite soon.  Thanks.

   -- Jonathan

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Date: 19 Feb 1984 02:36:14-EST
From: decvax!genrad!wjh12!hscvax!freytag@Yale-Comix
To: wjh12!genrad!decvax!yale-comix!rees

Now I am using T on a 4.2 system which emulates Unix 4.1.
Unfortunately it did not work immediately on this system.
By looking at the code and trying I found out that the
variable *expected-heap-size* has a negative value
(don't ask me why); therefore the gc did not work.
By setting the value to the correct one when
starting the system (i.e. in t(c)init.t) the system
then works perfectly. This fix might be of help for
other people....
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