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Compiled code query

Can anyone answer this?  Send responses to SEVERIN@UCLA-LOCUS.ARPA
or this list if appropriate.    -- Seth

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Date:           Fri, 6 Jul 84 11:34:52 PDT
From:           Larry Severin <severin>
To:             dyer
Subject:        compiled T innards
Resent-Date:    Fri, 6 Jul 84 12:41:11 PDT
Resent-From:    Dr. Michael G. Dyer <dyer>
Resent-To:      seth
Resent-CC:      severin

Mike -
  How can I find out what the format of compiled T code is?
More specifically, how can I generate my own "compiled-code" to
pass to the RUN-COMPILED-CODE statement in T?
One way is to do: (STANDARD-COMPILER expr *SCRATCH-ENV*), but
I want to build my own objects to run.
  How can I see what these objects really look like?  Their internals
are not directly accessible from T, as far as I know.
Who here knows these things?
  -- Larry Severin

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