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Re: T 2.7 under 4.2

    From: Mike Caplinger <mike@rice>
    Date:     Sun,  8 Jul 84 22:13:24 CDT

    Is there some collection of hacks I can make to the T 2.7 distribution
    to get it to run under 4.2?  I plan to get 2.8 as soon as I can get to
    it, but in the meantime, if there's a quick fix I'd like to use it.

There's no such quick fix.  It was harder to do than we expected. There
were some serious low-level problems - getting quadword alignment,
allocating the heaps on startup, and things like that.  Sorry.

If have an Arpanet connection, you can FTP the 2.8 image from Yale.
Send mail to me or to Adrienne Bloss (Bloss@Yale) for details.

I think that the 2.8 tapes are nearly ready to go out.  Watch this
space.  Sorry for the delay; there has been some serious turnover in
personnel at the Yale CS computing facility, and the T implementors
themselves are in Palo Alto, so it's been difficult.