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Re: numbers

    T 3.0 was to have been here after a full summer of work by all
    involved.  Now it is promised for December.
The original goal for a released version of the T3 compiler was December 1984.
I don't think anyone involved with the T project has ever promised that we'd
meet that goal.  December is still the goal.  
    ..., the 3600 has a 27 bit cons cell address space, as compared
    to 19 bits in the 68010, and 22 AT BEST IFF they pin out the
    existant address lines in the 68020.  (am I wrong here?  Could
    the 68000 architecture support 32 bits of byte address, and
    thus 27 or 28 bits of cons cells???)
Since T uses the low bits for tags on the 68000 and the Vax we are
able to use the full available address space on each, 24 bits in the    
case of the apollo and 31 bits in the case of the Vax.

    - Jim