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Allegro Composer on top of X/News

We have a problem with running common windows and 
Allegro composer in the OpenWindows environment. 
In the X environment no such problems appeared.

We assumed that the X11/News server could support both protocols,
and that our X11 common windows and composer should run on this, together
with the OpenWindows environment. Is this a false assumption or is
there a simple solution to this problem?

We run Open Windows version 1.0 on X11.3,
in a command tool we start Allegro Common Lisp.
After the <cl> prompt we type
which results into:
Debug: VALUE-ERROR in request 54 (last requtest was 64)
Code 1.0 [createwindow] Value 11534366

Sun sparc station 1
Unix 4.0
Open Windows version 1.0 on X11.3,
Allgro CL 3.1.beta.22 [SUN4] (6/8/89) + common windows + composer (X11