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[spr1329] Allegro Composer on top of X/News

    We have a problem with running common windows and 
    Allegro composer in the OpenWindows environment. 
    In the X environment no such problems appeared.
    We assumed that the X11/News server could support both protocols, and
    that our X11 common windows and composer should run on this, together
    with the OpenWindows environment. Is this a false assumption or is
    there a simple solution to this problem?

    Debug: VALUE-ERROR in request 54 (last requtest was 64)
    Code 1.0 [createwindow] Value 11534366
This is a simple bug in the pilot release of common windows on x.
It's overlooked by x11r3 from mit but not by the openwindows server
(or x11r4).  I'll send xcw pilot patch 17 in the next message, which
fixes the bug.  It's also fixed in the final release of xcw, to be
released shortly.
There's also a problem using xcw pilot with pswm, the default
openwindows window manager.  Initializing common windows causes pswm
to lose its ability to intercept mouse clicks, so that you can no
longer set input focus on a window by clicking on it.  This bug is
also fixed in xcw final, but there's currently no patch for this for
xcw pilot.  In the meantime, we recommend that you use another window
manager.  If you need to use pswm, you could use the following hack,
which will set input focus to whatever window is under the mouse after
moving the mouse over any composer/xcw window:

(advise cw:frame-mouse-cursor-in :before :unfocus nil
  (progn (xlib:set-input-focus xcw::x-display :pointer-root :none)
         (xlib:display-force-output xcw::x-display)))