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Re: [spr8691] Allegro CL 4.2beta2.0

Allegro CL 4.2.beta2.0 fulfills three requirements:

	- it runs on Solaris 2.1 or later
	- it runs the newest version of CLIM (2.0.beta2.0)
	- it has optimized since the ACL 4.1 release

The compiler is smarter, the size of compiled functions are smaller,
and the system has generally been optimized a bit more than ACL 4.1.
There is not a big difference in the types of declarations to which
the compiler pays attention.

As for "gotchas", this release, especially the Solaris 2.x version, is
very new.  We will not be widely distributing this beta release
because it is just that, beta software.

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