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new version of GNU Emacs/Lisp interface available

Version 1.3 of the Franz Inc. GNU Emacs/Lisp interface is now ready
for digestion.  The major new features are:

  * Completion of Lisp symbols (M-TAB)!  It does *dynamic* lookup in
    the lisp so user defined symbols are can be completed.

  * New variable fi:common-lisp-file-types.

  * New function fi:eval-in-lisp which evaluates arbitrary lisp

  * Updated ipc.cl and and new file, emacs.cl, which has some support
    routines.  The foreign load from the C library is not done unless
    absolutely necessary (/bin/ld on the Sun4 is very slow sometimes).

  * New variable, fi:emacs-to-lisp-transaction-directory, which
    controls where transaction files are created.  This is especially
    helpful when emacs and lisp are on different machines.

  * New variable, fi:echo-evals-from-buffer-in-listener-p, controls
    whether or not expressions evaluated by key strokes in emacs are
    silently evaluated in lisp or are `echo'd by the lisp listener.

  * Shell tracking of directory is now much better.  "cd ...; ...",
    "cd ... &" and "...; cd ..." are now handled.  Also, pushd +N and
    popd +N are handled properly.

  * Added command completion.

  * A multitude of small fixes.

A complete list of the changes since 1.2 is part of the distribution.

It can be had by FTP from ucbarpa.berkeley.edu or ucbvax.berkeley.edu,
login name `ftp' and your login name as password.  Retrieve the file

	D. Kevin Layer			Franz Inc.
	layer%franz.uucp@Berkeley.EDU	1995 University Avenue, Suite 275
	ucbvax!franz!layer		Berkeley, CA  94704
					(415) 548-3600, FAX: (415) 548-8253