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[John G. Aspinall <JGA @ MIT-MC>: ^R Correct Word Spelling]

This seems to be because, when & Spell Replace Word looks through the
file returned by the spell checker, it uses the word commands like "fwl"
to pick out the suggested spellings.  The ..D delimiter table seems to
indicate single quote as a delimiter, so it just picks out "simplicity"
from the word "simplicity's" that is actually in the file.  It seems that
& Spell Replace Word should set up a temporary ..D that has single quote
as a letter.  Is someone able to fix this?  I haven't munged EMACS for
so long I would not feel qualified to do this reliably.

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Subject:  ^R Correct Word Spelling
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In an emacs buffer:
 type "simplicitys"
 put the cursor somewhere on the word, and type M-$
 the choices offered will be: 0 - simplicity
			      1 - simplicity's
 whichever number you type, you will get the 0th choice - "simplicity"
- as the replacement.